The Metalsmith, our quarterly publication. Vol. 23 # 2 June 1999

cover: Superman Blacksmith, Roger Degner of the Guild demonstrates how to carry your anvil and swage block properly. A big hand for Roger as he has big hands and strong wrists.
  • Presidents Message
  • Guild Classes
  • Quatrefoil Workshop
  • How to Get Most from Guild Workshops (Bob Johnson)
  • Begining Blacksmithing Notice
  • Hammer Making at Flint Rock (Bob Johnson)
  • Pete's Hammer In (invitation)
  • Forge Welding (Dave Mariette)
  • Blacksmith Conference at Pontiac Illinois (announcement)
  • Tome Latane Notebook
  • Letter from Maine: Stone-n-Steel (Francis Bauer)
  • Abana Membership application
  • Nowthen Threshing Show
  • Atlantic Tool Steel Update(Pete Stanaitis)
  • June Crossword Challenge
  • Forge a tree
    rep. "New England Blacksmith News"
  • Cabinet Knob
      rep. Bituminous Bits
  • Tool Tip (George Lancaster)
  • Bighorn Forge Wisconsing Conference Sept 99 (announcement)
  • March Crossword answers
  • ABANA News - 2000 conference
  • Making a Feather
      rep. Bellows Blast
  • Copper Workshop - recap
  • Beginning Workshop - recap
  • Guild Video Library
  • Crossword Answers for June Puzzle
  • Northern MN Metalsmith Conference - recap
  • Beginning Blacksmithing Class
  • Measuring for a Stair Railing
      rep Ocmulgee Blacksmioth News
  • Guild Information

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    Article and graphics edited for web viewing by Gene Olson