The Metalsmith, our quarterly publication. Vol. 23 # 1 March 1999

cover art by Randy Purchase
  • Presidents Message
  • Guild Classes
  • Quatrefoil Workshop
  • Letter form Maine
  • My Two Blackmith Shops by Myron Hanson
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Bulletin Board
  • Tool Holder, Guy Paton
  • Celtic Cross, Dave Gavin
  • Book Review, Curt Engstrom
  • Animal Head Workshop, Wolf Head: Jim Scott
  • Anvil Restoration: Robb Gunter
  • Efficient Anvil Use: Robb Gunter and Karl Schuler
  • Making an Octopus rep NRB Blacksmith News
  • Bottle Opener: Doug Merkel
      rep. "Hot Iron Sparkle"
  • Knife Makers vise
    rep. "Florida Artist Blacksmith"
  • Candle Stand Legs: Ed Grove
      rep The Upsetter, Mich Blksmth Assoc.
  • Circle Divider
      rep: Ht iron Sparkle North Carolina
  • Twist of the Month
      re. Hot Iron Sparkle
  • Tinning of Copper Kitchenware
      rep Saltfork Craftsman
  • Weaathervane: rep. BABA
  • Abana Membership application
  • Guild Gallery: Bob Fredell's Fireplace Set
  • Guild Video Library
  • Guild Information

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    Article and graphics edited for web viewing by Gene Olson