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A Message from the President

Bob Fredell

Since the time you received the last issue of Metalsmith The Guild held a membership meeting at 3M Company. Several 3M Employees talked about and demonstrated abrasives and their use. The Program Committee has largely firmed up the membership meeting programs through February 1997. There is little new information on the 1996 Madness and 20th Anniversary celebration since I last reported to you in the last issue of Metalsmith. However, the planning is proceeding nicely.

Paul Hubler finished his series of three workshops on animal heads and Ollie Juaire held another hammer making workshop. The Education Committee is planning even more workshops. You will be notified by mail.

The Publicity Committee is expanding its functions from mailing out notices to broader areas of publicity such as designing a new banner. Good for them.

The Internet Committee is carefully proceeding with it's planning. Even though we are now on the Internet, our page is in skeleton form. Starting in April, the Internet Committee will begin to fill in the areas now labeled as "under construction". A couple of months will be needed for our page to reach it's full form. Even then, our page will be in a continuous process of revision and expansion. It looks like we will have a real fine page on the Internet.

Our treasury stands at just a hair over $10,000.

Once again I put out the plea for people to volunteer to be reporters for the Metalsmith. One of the primary functions of Metalsmith ought to function as a newsletter that reports the Guild's activities to the membership. We have not been doing a good job in this area because of the lack of reporters to write articles about our activities. Call me at home 721-2298, or cabin (612) 389-5119 to volunteer as a reporter.

See vou at the next meeting.


Most of us get what we deserve but only                The best way to hear money jingle in
the successful admit it.                               your pocket is to shake a leg.

You are never alone when accompanied                   You can meet most people haltway if you
by noble thoughts.                                     are a good judge of distance.
Cover Article

Pages From the Sketchbook of Bob Walsh,
Pepin, Wisconsin

Cover art excerpted from: A "Prairie School with a Flair". A drawing by Bob Walsh. Fireplace enclosure and tools is the result of a collaboration between Gary Ameling, (Ohio) and Robert Walsh (Wisconsin). This project is currently under production.

Below: An exterior railing design. This is a proposal drawing for a project with guild member and architect John Yust.

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